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Miami Valley Episcopal Russian Network

MVERN’s Mission is to foster a partnership between St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church in Sablino, Russia, and the MVERN churches through cultural exchanges of  youth, adult laypersons, and clergy, and through financial and other forms of support.









MVERN Photos - Youth Trips to Russia



Understanding that exchange trips can both broaden and enrich young lives, MVERN has taken 188 American youth to Russia on nine mission/pilgrimage trips since 1997.

After exploring the history and culture of ancient and modern Russia in St. Petersburg and Novgorod, the teens spent eight days in Sablino where they helped lead the annual summer camp at the Sablino Youth Center and worked with Russian teens on various service projects.

Youth on one trip dug a foundation for the expansion of St. Nicholas Church; another group laid a processional path around the church.  Additionally,  MVERN youth travelers landscaped the chapel in the center of town.  As they work with Russian teens,  American youth learn that although they speak different languages,  they are much alike and often form long-term friendships, facilitated by social media.

As they worship at St. Nicholas, their faith is increased and they return to Ohio understanding the common language of love and service that connects Christians around the world.  The world looks different to them and they are excited to become involved in the ministry of their church.